«The production service with the love to creating.»

«reqProm» is a production service specializing in works in the creative — songs, music videos, films, performances — and in educational — podcasts, interviews, educational events — fields. Both remote services via the Internet and services with arrival at a location are provided. The main differences from other production services — usage of mobile audio recording and video recording studios without being connected to a specific place, as well as usage of free/libre software to support and develop a culture while minimizing production costs and prices for services.

Our Common Problem — Story Of The Founder — Solution

I am convinced, that there is a problem — our technology has improved drastically over the years, but how we think about it has not. We arrived at the revolution in technology, but our way of thinking remains in stagnation: quality cameras with build-in effects can fit in a pocket, equipment became much more accessible, there is no need to attend specialized academies to develop in the craft; it is even possible to build a reputation and make money from any part of the planet, where connection to the Internet exists — still, the most of us «needs» unreasonably big studios and unreasonably expensive equipment, and the most uses mainstream recording and editing formats to specifically avoid true learning path, copying each other — whether it is individuals or production teams.

I am Vavn Dorokhin. By starting making art since the age of fourteen, but only three years ago I have understood the following — by understanding the technical side of art, you understand the art itself better: I was studying sound recording in the multi-million Russian studio from the professionals, earned my first conscious money by recording others in it, made my own home studio a year later, transformed it into side business — and became ready to found the «reqProm» producing service, oriented on art and education.

As I paid my price for this understanding, I want to share it with you. I do not agree and I do not support the «brainwashing» from mainstream monopolist brands — be it equipment or software — and how we perceive producing in general. I will provide the alternative — by my own story and the stories of those, who will join the «reqProm» team. Let it be a journey — not just a destination point.