With The Love To Creating

The photograph of Vavn Dorokhin adjusting the microphone.
Vavn Dorokhin before a live broadcasting on the university radio.

I remember, how it all began.

Three years ago, I moved to the Saint Petersburg city: I would like to do something, that I could not do in my home city at the time — actively do creative work, share its results on my performances, work on interesting audio and video projects with a team of highly motivated and versatile personalities, and learn the work on media from the best.

Ironically, I entered the Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications for this — the place, in which I did not want to stay for an additional minute beyond the required time, but in which there was the multimedia center, that I liked so much. I spent hours there, working on my songs and podcasts about idioms in English and Russian languages and about free events in the Saint Petersburg.

When I arrived back to the Samara city, everything changed — I have not touched musical instruments and recording equipment, nor I did creative work throughout the year. My single microphone was covered with a large layer of dust, and I was getting worse psychologically.

The photograph of Vavn Dorokhin's recording gear in October of 2018.
The home recording studio in October of 2018.

But if my life turned one hundred and eighty degrees two years ago, then a year ago, it re-turned as much, and everything happened as it should have happened. Having only one microphone with a stand, I firmly decided to save up for the equipment on my own and create a production center with the team, that treats creating with love. Putting up advertising sheets during heat and cold, the persistent work as a tutor of English language, going to the most remote places of the Samara Region for the necessary equipment — perseverance and patience allowed me to get closer to my long‑term dream.

The photograph of Vavn Dorokhin's recording gear in January of 2019.
The home recording studio in January of 2019.

Today, I especially want to express my gratitude — first of all — to my parents and also to Alina Bikbulatova, Maxim Letov, Anton Matvienko, Alisa Ivanova, and Benjamin Ostrov: familiarity with each of them affected what I am doing now and what I aim for.

¡And now — to the work!

The first logo of the «reqProm» production service.
The first logo of the «reqProm» production service.

(Vavn Dorokhin)