reqProm — The Modern Approach To Sound Making (Intro)

I was about fourteen years old. After my accidental vocal performance in a camp, I wanted to learn how to compose and play my own songs. In a year, I got an acoustic guitar as the gift. I was obsessed with it, I could play the same melodies over and over again and not get bored. Day after day, year after year. But the deeper my art ideas were becoming, the less I thought about an acoustic guitar, any guitar, or piano: I started to think about sound in general.

Yes, every instrument is unique — but it comes at the high price of serious dependencies and limitations. For example, piano: its playability depends on a condition, material, size, even an environment it sounds in. ¿More than that, how to play a piano without bothering neighbors or especially roommates? How to transport a piano for a performance in another city or especially country? ¿What to do, if a piano broke before or especially during a performance? ¿And what is very important as well — how to get around the fact, that it is impossible for a human to learn all the instruments even during the lifetime?

That is why I invite you to study sound making not with «traditional» instruments — but with a synthesizer. This electronic musical instrument can generate digital audio signals. ¿Do you know, why it is interesting? One — you becoming independent of having a specific instrument for making a specific sound. Two — you have way more opportunities with files in the special MIDI format in comparison with «traditional» recordings. Three — you can create, constantly improve, and share even the most «realistic» sounds of well-known instruments with people all around the world for deep analysis and usage. ¡This is especially great!

I was looking for these answers for ten years. Step by step, I will be organizing my scattered knowledge and making one song after another with defined intentional restrictions based on this course — right in front of you. And if it saves you much more time for defining your own art adventure — well, one of the main goals of the course is completed then.