reqProm — The Modern Approach To Music Composition (Intro)

I was about fourteen years old. After my accidental vocal performance in a camp, I wanted to learn how to compose and play my own songs. In a year, I got an acoustic guitar as the gift. I was obsessed with it, I could play the same melodies over and over again and not get bored. Day after day, year after year. But in time, the more songs were made by me, the more I understood my ideas followed the same pattern. I tried to study music theory in books over and over — and was giving up, over and over.

Yes, the «traditional» music composition is a standard — but far too often, the process of studying it is uninteresting, slow, and hard to apply to modern computer-based situations. For example, the traditional music theory. ¿What is the pretty typical situation nowadays? A person wants to compose and independently record a song. By using the «traditional» methods, even before composing, this person will have to keep in mind several things. One — digest a ton of information and determine, what is relevant and what is not, right from the start. Two — use all the power to keep going, as the music theory alone can get very boring; I have experienced it myself and I am not the first and last one here for sure. Three — deal with the fact, that all the work will have to be taken and transformed over a music-making software, unless the plan is to create sheet music or composition for orchestras.

That is why I invite you to study music composition not with the «traditional» method — but with «blocks» inside «layers». According to my own experience, this approach is simple, straightforward, and will allow you to dive into the fun process of music creation with all the required theory behind it — right from the beginning. You will start from simple drum, bass, and chord «layers», organize «blocks» inside these «layers» — and the more lessons you will complete, the more complex your «layers» with «blocks» will be.

I was looking for these answers for ten years. Step by step, I will be organizing my scattered knowledge and making one song after another with defined intentional restrictions based on this course — right in front of you. And if it saves you much more time for defining your own art adventure — well, one of the main goals of the course is completed then.