«reqProm» is a production service specializing in works in the creative — songs, music videos, films, performances — and in educational — podcasts, interviews, educational events — fields.

Remote Via The Internet

  • Real-time video consultations on general — for example, «how to make a video lecture more interesting for the viewer» — or on highly specialized issues of producing a certain project: documentation, shooting, lighting, sound recording, and the like.
  • Creation of three-dimensional renderings for visualizing the ideas of shooting and lighting for a specific project.
  • Assistance in preparation of a documentation in accordance with international standards: script, references, shot lists, storyboards, and other documentation.
  • Mixing and mastering of audio.
  • Video editing and correction.
  • Translation of video, audio and text materials from English into Russian and from Russian into English, creation of subtitles according to international standards — including the standards of «BBC».

Arrival At A Location

  • Audio recording of songs, podcasts, interviews, speeches, and educational events, followed by mixing and mastering — with the possibility of traveling to a specific place with all the equipment of a mobile recording studio.
  • Real-time video filming and/or video broadcasting of speeches, interviews, and educational materials with preparation for video shooting — with script, storyboard, other documentation — and following editing and video correction — with the possibility of traveling to a certain place with all the equipment of a mobile film studio.